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As you can see, for those of you who come here often, the webpage changed a bit (again!!). Ok, so I can't do a simple update without redoing the webpage entirely, but hey it's a nice change no? It took me about 20 hours of work to come up with this format, I just hope you like it.

Ok so what have I changed, well I changed the format as you can see. I still have 2 kinds of pages, the one with javascripts and the other one for older browsers without javascripts. I haven't changed much of the text that was on the other page, except for little thing here and there, the text stayed the same. I've added some new links, removed the ones that were not working. A new group opened, so we have now JetC22, JetC23, JetC 40+ and JetC jr9 open. The biggest change, after the design of the page, is that I aquired www.jetc.org. So now I have www.jetc.org and another JetCer has www.jetc.net, the only one left to get is www.jetc.com (which is a Japaneese company) but hey we have 2 out of 3.. not bad. Also, the site should be faster to get too, I'm now being hosted at UUNET canada a worldcom company. I'm a web hosting installation specialist over there, so I have access to their servers. Oh yeah, I almost forgot, I've added some new pictures and quotes to the JetC Facts, up to Unimatrix Zero. So if you haven't seen the season 6 episodes and don't want to be spoiled don't go there! But you do want to be spoiled please go there and enjoy!

Anything else, hmm not really, I should be adding some more stuff soon (well soon is a big word), like the history of JetC and forms to add new links on the page.

So that's about it, if you have suggestions for the pages or links please email me at webmaster@jetc.org

This page's graphics and Html were done by Celia Brouillette
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