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"Damn it Kathryn" (Chakotay)>
"What's happened to you Kathryn" (Chakotay)
" I could ask you the same thing" (Captain Janeway)
"Neelix is organizing a party to help boost morale" (Chakotay)
"Will I see you there?" (Kathryn Janeway)
"I'm replicating the salade" (Chakotay)
"I'll bring the croutons>" (Kathryn Janeway)
"Chakotay..." (Kathryn Janeway)
"You know, you may have had good reason to stage a mutiny on your own" (Kathryn Janeway)
"That thought had occured to me" (Chakotay)
"But that would have been crossing the line" (Chakotay)

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"I don't know if I'd take it that far" (Captain Janeway)
"You might have too" (Chakotay)

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"I volunteer" (Chakotay)
"I thought you might" (Captain Janeway)

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.. Delete the wife.. hmm DELETE THE WIFE??? come on Captain.. he's just an holographic .. NC17 thing
"You Can wipe that smile of your face, it's not what you think" (Kathryn Janeway)
I wasn't thinking anything, but now that you mention it" (Chakotay)
"I have an interest in Irish Culture" (Kathryn Janeway)
"It's understandable, they've produced great writers for hundreds of years, not to mention great bar tender" (Chakotay)
"He's a hologram" (Kathryn Janeway)
"I couldn't help but notice, he seemed taller then the last time I've seen him" (Chakotay)
"Yes I made some modifications" (Kathryn Janeway)
"In the interest of Irish Culture.." (Chakotay)
"Exactly" (Kathryn Janeway)
"You seemed embarrassed when I ran into you, there was no reason to be. It's good to see you having a little fun" (Chakotay)
"He's ratter charming isn't he? To bad he's made of photons and force field" (Kathryn Janeway)
"I never let that stand in my way.." (Chakotay)

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"The good sheperd went after some lost sheep and ran into a wolf" (Kathryn Janeway)
"Did she find them?" (Chakotay)
"I think she did" (Captain Janeway)

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Even the wrong Janeway and Chakotay have a deep look at each other!

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"Let me show you what I've done with Captain Janeway and Commander Chakotay" (Kelis the writer)
"Chakotay, why must I be denied what every other female officer on this ship can have" (acted Captain Janeway)
"Captain?" (acted Chakotay)
"The privilege of your touch" (acted Kathryn Janeway)

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"Do you have dinner plans?" (Captain Janeway)
"Is that an invitation?" (Chakotay)
"I was hoping you would help me compose a response" (Captain Janeway)
"You're on" (Chakotay)

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"Chakotay weve had our disagreement, and there have been times that I choose to proceed without your support, but this cant be one of those times. I wont do this without my first officer" (Captain Janeway)
"The way I see it, risking the safety of Voyager is a small price to pay, if we help these people, this may be the turning point of our battle against the Borg" (Chakotay)
"Im glad we agree, because I almost talked myself out of it" (Captain Janeway)
"Somehow I doubt you were ever in danger of doing that" (Chakotay)
"I was hoping for your unconditional support" (Captain Janeway)
"This is the best I can do" (Chakotay)
"I guess I better be going" (Captain Janeway)
"Anything youd like done around here while youre gone? Gravity plating equilibrated Carpets cleaned?" (Chakotay)
"Surprise me... You have the Bridge" (Captain Janeway)

It was their plan to be assimilated!! I can't believe it but I had to put up some images of it! hehe

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