"Three years ago I didn't even know your name, today I can't live a day without you" (Kathryn Janeway)
"Well I guess I am alone after all, Dismissed" (Captain Janeway)
"You're more then just my Captain, you're my friend"

"It made me realize that I was using him as a safety net you know, as a way to avoid becoming involve with someone" (Kathryn Janeway)
"You don't have that safety net anymore" (Chakotay)
"That's right, then again my life is far from uneventfull here, in the Delta quadrant" (Kathryn Janeway)
"It's not like if I would have the time to pursue a relationship, even if I had realised I was alone" (Kathryn Janeway)
"You're hardly alone. And to my way of thinking, there's plenty of time." (Chakotay)
"Plenty of time...." (Kathryn Janeway)

"I'll be right behind you" (Chakotay)
"You're a gun ho kind of gal" (Chakotay)
"Does that bother you?" (Kathryn Janeway)
"Nope, I'm just not use to it" (Chakotay)

"You're not always a reasonable woman" (Chakotay)

"Yes Sir!" (Chakotay to Janeway)

"Well this mentor would like another cup of coffee, would you join me?" (Captain Janeway)
"I'd love too" (Chakotay)

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