It was because of that first meeting that Captain Janeway and the Maquis Captain, Chakotay, made a decision to blend their two crews together in order to survive in the Delta quadrant, and get back home. It was also during this first meeting that the seeds of the JetC Obsession were sown. B'Ellana Torres angrily asks "Who is she to make these decisions for all of us?" and Chakotay replies "She's the Captain." That's it. Just those three words. And with those words, he shows us that he already trusts Janeway and is willing to put the lives of his crew, as well as his own life, in her hands.
Now that was just the beginning of the relationship. It could have ended there, or turned into something entirely platonic and professional. However, a lot other things happened, some minor, some not so minor, that fueled the flames of the JetC Obsession. :-) Lets give some of those facts shall we??

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As early as Parallax, we were already given signs that the Captain and the Commander weren't above flirting with each other. [Ever play "Pervert that Line"? :-) ] They spent much of the early part of the episode arguing over who should be the Chief Engineer, but at the end of the episode, in Engineering, Chakotay asks the Captain if she would have served under him. She tells him it's the Captain's privelege not to answer, but you can't help but wonder... :-)

In the episode The Cloud, we are again treated to a flirtatious exchange between the Captain and the Commander. Chakotay is telling Janeway about his animal guide and how it helps him relax and think about the good command choices, and she asks him what form his animal guide takes, saying "I'll bet it's a bear." . This exchange leads to Chakotay offering to show her how to contact her animal guide and she answer " you've got a date". After they sort out the problem of the Cloud, Janeway is pursuaded to join the crew in Paris' holoprogram of his favourite bar, Sandrines. We get another chance to play "Pervert that Line" when Janeway requests of Chakotay, with a wonderfully straight face, "Commander, your stick." Incidentally, it's also in this scene that we learn that the Captain is no slouch when it comes to pool. :-)

In the episode Cathexis , Tuvok and Chakotay are attacked while on an away mission, and Chakotay is left brain dead. He spends most of the episode in sickbay, while the crew tries to deal with an alien entity that is capable of taking over their bodies. Eventually we learn that the 'alien entity' is really Chakotay, and he is trying to save the ship from the real alien, who is in Tuvok. It's all very confusing, but it does let us play a variation of Pervert that Line: "Pervert that Scene". This is the first, and very probably the only time, we actually see Chakotay in Janeway. :-)
And of course, no JetCer worth their salt could forget that final scene of Janeway leaning over the now-conscious Chakotay, whispering "It's good to have you back, Commander", with *both* hands on his barer chest.

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