I couldn't leave you like this, I had to show you all the good Star Trek pages on the web! With this Jetc Page format, you'll see main links on top ( to browse the site) and the JetC links just under it (to browse the jetc links). In those JetC links, you have the categories:

Janeway/Mulgrew (links to pages about Captain Janeway or Kate Mulgrew)

Chakotay/Beltran (links to pages about Commander Chakotay or Robert Beltran)

Janeway/Chakotay (links to pages on the relationship between Captain Janeway and Commander Chakotay)

Stories (links of pages with Janeway and Chakotay fanfics)

BonC (links about Dr. Crusher, Gates McFadden, Captain Picard, Patrick Stewart or the relationship between Dr. Crusher and Captain Picard)

Startrek (links to pages about all the startrek fandom)

Members (links to our members homepages)

Friends (links to our members friends pages)

You will notice that sometimes after a link there's "(members)", that means it's owned by a member. So how's that? if you have any suggestions or links to add to JetC links, you can email me at webmaster@jetc.org. Soon to come, a form to fill up to send me a link to add. Enjoy our links...

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