The Official Drinking Game
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"Resolutions" = hope you don't have to work tomorrow

"Threshold" = cheat. you'll need the drinks to get through this one

"Elogium" = a nice buzz.

Do you have any other you would like to put here????

Rules Number of drinks
Chakotay calls the Captain 'Kathryn' 1
Chakotay calls her 'Kathy' 2
Janeway puts a hand on his arm 1
Janeway puts a hand on his chest 2
Janeway says "Commander, my ready room. *Now*" 1
Everytime Chakotay says "She's the Captain." 1
Everytime they play pool together. 1
Everytime they go an away mission together 1
Everytime Janeway talks to Lord Burleigh. [to help us get through the scene] 1
Everytime Seska shows up [to help us get through the scene] 1
Everytime Janeway has her hair down 1
Everytime Chakotay is seen out of uniform 1
If Janeway has her hair down AND Chakotay is out of uniform in the same scene 2
they mention New Earth, during Resolutions 1
They mention New Earth, during any episode other than Resolution 2
Chakotay commenting about her legs 2
Janeway asks him for his stick 2
Chakotay says that he likes serving under her 2
Chakotay inviting her for dinner 2
they are shown eating together, alone 2
Chakotay offers to teach her about her animal guide again 2
Any actors portraying Janeway and Chakotay kissing 2
Janeway asks him about mating behaviours 3
Every time he throws his body over hers, to protect it 3
Chakotay gives CPR to Janeway 3
Holding hands on the bridge 3
When they Kiss CHUG
If they do the nasty, any evidence of doing the nasty like pulling on boots. :) Drink Everything In Sight

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