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elcome, you are now entering the new JetC homepage. Most of the old features are there, but I changed the design a bit. So you still have a version for the new browsers ( netscape 3.0 or higher, Internet explorer 4.0 or higher) and a version without javascripts for older browsers If you don't know what version you have, it's ok you can click on the new browser one, and if you have an old version, you will directly go to a page where I give you the link to download a new version or to go the other JetC page with no javascript in it, but with frames. But I tell you.. the page looks much better if you have a new browser!!!!! Another thing, this page was done in a viewing configuration of 1024/768, I would suggest that you put your viewing configuration to 800/600 at least. If you don't know how and would like to do so, just email me. If you have any problem with the new page, please inform me Celia Brouillette.

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This site was opened on November 27th 1996
and updated July 4th 2000

You are the to visit the JetC homepage since July 10th 1997!

This page's graphics and Html were done by Celia Brouillette

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